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MS Porrima’s Blue Odyssey project kicks off!


The word “odyssey” comes from Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem and evokes images of a long journey filled with adventure. A Blue Odyssey across the world’s oceans is slated to begin this autumn. (We’re still ironing out the details because of the pandemic! We’ll keep you updated!)

Setting off in this four-year journey across the world is the MS Porrima. She’s expected to return to the port of Osaka for the Expo 2025. We were baffled by the name at first, but it made sense when we found out that it was inspired by an ancient Roman goddess of the future. There’s even a connection between ancient Greece and ancient Rome! We’re so excited to be a part of such a colossal project.


Originally named the Race for Water, the ship was built in 2010 by a foundation established by Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni and focused on conserving water and saving our oceans. In 2015, it began exploring the issue of marine pollution and in 2017, it set off on its first voyage around the world. The ship first docked in Japan in 2020.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Race for Water project was taken over by Gunter Pauli, a proponent of the “Blue Economy” model and Saraya Yusuke, who heads Saraya, an Osaka-based disinfectant and cleaning agent manufacturer. The project is now managed by NPO ZERI Japan. That’s how the Race for Water vessel transformed into the MS Porrima—a goddess of the future.

The purpose of Porrima’s journey is to find solutions to the global environmental crisis which is threatening our oceans. In order to do this, we need to keep making new innovations.

We hope for this site to become a hub where like-minded people can gather. The Blue Odyssey project has also been entered into Team Expo 2025, one of the Osaka-Kansai Expo’s official programs. The Expo is aiming to be an SDG-focused event. However, what’s important is not just the six months of the event, but the process leading up to it.

Over the next four years, we plan to work with our friends and colleagues to promote activities that will open up a sustainable future. For us, 2025 is not a goal, but a transit point in our grand journey to pass on a sustainable planet to future generations.

The first step is putting an end to plastic pollution.
We hope to keep improving this site and look forward to your support for MS Porrima as she sets off on a Blue Odyssey!

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