Gunter Pauli Gunter Pauli
Founder of ZERI Network of Scientists and Entrepreneurs
Gunter Pauli

Did you know that the ancient Romans had a goddess for the future? She was also recognized as the protector of the pregnant women. This deity had her own temple and no one was allowed to enter it with leather shoes. The philosophy behind it was that you can't give life to a child if you take an animal's life.

Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by the future. Now, we need to take a fresh look at reality. As a member of the Club of Rome and author of its report “The Blue Economy,” I know that announcing the end of the world is not going to take people forward. We urgently need a positive vision of the future, one that is surprising, offers new ways of enjoying and promoting life while correcting the errors of the past.

Porrima is a vision of the future—made to happen now. It involves the production of hydrogen with sea water, the generation of power from wind 24 hours a day with artificial intelligence, cleaning up the seawater, and isolating and destroying microplastics the way our lungs remove CO2 from our blood. It's packed with fresh ideas.

Porrima brings innovations that show the pathway to the future. However, to enjoy, we must integrate life and art on the ship. The boat will produce spirulina algae for the health of all on board and mushrooms will grow on the coffee grounds to provide protein. Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the greatest artists of modern times, will enrich the exterior and interior with his art, and the designers of Barcelona will turn the main hall into a demonstration of the power of origami. It will be like a magic box filled with surprises.

Welcome to Porrima and learn about all the new ideas that will be rewriting our future.

President, ZERI Japan

We need to take actions that go beyond borders to preserve a blue ocean for the next generation. We are starting to take the following actions. I hope many people, NGOs, Business, Governments will participate in them and make the ocean clean and sustainable.

1) Marine Pollution
It is reported that over 8 million tons of plastics end up in the ocean. Some of them sink deep and some of them decompose and float on the ocean as microplastics. They last for years, affecting marine creatures and the ecosystem. Plastic on the land needs to be collected. We need to ensure that they are recycled, reduced and reused. As for the plastic in the oceans, we need to involve each region in the collection of marine plastics. We plan to organize the clean-up of the Mediterranean Sea, the Hawaiian seas and other locations.

2) Blue Innovations
We need work with businesses to create and implement Blue Innovations under the guidance of Gunter Pauli. We also need to find ways to make these solutions prevail through business and social networks. It is imperative to clean up the errors of the past and design new products and processes that do not result in pollution.

3) MS Porrima's Blue Odyssey
The COVID-19 pandemic is currently shaking up the world, but this will not stop MS Porrima from starting her Blue Odyssey this autumn. The vessel will travel around the world to campaign against marine pollution, share Blue Innovations, inspire children, and connect people. The MS Porrima will also promote the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, and its Co-Creation Challenge. It will ask people to engage in its theme of a more sustainable future.

4) Blue Ocean Pavilion in Expo 2025
In the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, we are planning to build and manage a Blue Ocean Pavilion to ①Prevent marine pollution ②Use the ocean sustainably ③Spread Blue Innovations ④Inspire children to participate.

We hope for the participations of many stakeholders, including companies, region and nations, especially island-based ones. The pavilion will be designed by Mr. Shigeru Ban, who designed the Japanese Pavilion in the 2000 Hannover Expo. The details will be announced when our application is approved by the organizing committee of Expo 2025. We are expecting it to come through early next year.

5) Blue Ocean Foundation
We look to establish a Blue Ocean Foundation to make these activities sustainable. We hope many individuals and companies join us.

We hope that these projects contribute to a more sustainable future for our oceans. We look forward to your participation.