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Collaboration with Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

MS Porrima returns sea turtles to their natural habitat

On May 30, 2022, MS Porrima returned three green turtles and seven hawksbill turtles—a total of ten sea turtles—to Dubai’s waters. This initiative was done in cooperation with the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, which aims to care for, protect, and rehabilitate sick and injured turtles.

This project is run by Jumeirah, a Dubai-based luxury hotel group. It has returned a total of 2,050 turtles their natural habitat since its inception in 2004, including this recent release.

The sea turtles released from MS Porrima were fitted with originally-developed, ultra-compact IoT devices that transmit information via ultrasound. The information is transmitted via MS Porrima and satellites to ZERI's laboratory in Bogota, Colombia, which collects and studies ecological data on sea turtles.

Sea turtles serve as a symbol of marine conservation. Many species are facing extinction as their ecosystems are threatened by overfishing and microplastic pollution. MS Porrima, in collaboration with the Jumeirah Group, is working on technology to remove microplastics from seawater. The valuable information obtained about the ecosystem through these initiatives will be utilized to create a better future for these sea turtles.

MS Porrima is scheduled to witness the spawning of sea turtles in Colombia later in her voyage. She will continue to lead marine conservation activities in the oceans she visits.

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