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Comment regarding the departure of MS Porrima from Osaka

We cannot just observe this dire situation. We must act and preserve our oceans for the next generation. Currently, the sea is polluted by plastics and the situation is continuing to get worse. The amount of CO2 in the ocean is also increasing. It is starting to have a negative impact on habitats because of the acidic pH. Overfishing is also a problem.

Race For Water (R4W) foundation launched the global campaign against plastic pollution in the ocean with the innovative R4W boat in 2017. However, the mission was discontinued in Tokyo in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the Porrima foundation in Switzerland has taken over this mission, launching a global campaign in December 2021 from Osaka called the “Blue Odyssey.” The boat is named MS Porrima after the Roman goddess of hope and childbirth. MS Porrima is also taking on the role of promoting the 2025 Osaka・Kansai EXPO. She is set to return to Osaka in October 2025 after her global tour.

ZERI Japan will be coordinated with MS Porrima. We hope to find collaborators and networks to work with us towards this mission of eliminating plastic pollution. Please join us so that we can move forward and find solutions.

President, ZERI Japan Yusuke SARAYA

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