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“Ocean and plastic” 101 [Blue Odyssey Video Series]

Though it was known to be one of the best inventions of the 20th century, plastic is now floating out into our oceans, and ready to cause enormous damage not only to our environment but also to our health and lives.

In this video, we will introduce the reality interweaving oceans and plastic in three chapters.

0:20- / Chapter 1 “What makes plastic so dangerous?”
We will show why plastic is now ending up in the ocean.

2:20- / Chapter 2 “The impact of microplastics”
We will show how microplastic in the ocean can cause enormous damage.

4:17- / Chapter 3 “Trash from Japan travels around the world”
We will introduce you to Mr. Boyan Slat, founder of NGO “The Ocean Cleanup,” and how his enthusiasm is making significant progress.

What can, and should we do after learning such shocking facts?
How can we resolve such an issue?

“MS Porrima’s Blue Odyssey” will continue to highlight such issues and hope to induce solutions.

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