Solar power

MS Porrima is equipped with 512㎡ of solar panels and storage in 8 tons of batteries

How do solar panels work?

  • Conversion: Solar energy (luminosity) is converted into electric energy via photovoltaic cells.
  • Storage: Electric energy generated by photovoltaic cells is stored in batteries.
  • Power supply: The energy contained in the batteries powers an engine that drives the propeller.

Obtaining energy via solar panels is a technology that has proven its worth. However, the batteries still come with limitations. The current models are not able to store energy for several weeks without loss. Moreover, they are cumbersome and heavy, with a limited lifespan of around five years. In our view, the future lies in the energy mix. MS Porrima’s solar panel is scheduled for an upgrade in Morocco.

512㎡ of solar panels and storage in the 8 tonnes of batteries


  • Wind power

    Wind power

    40㎡ of automatically controlled kite deployed to an altitude of 150m

  • Hydrogen power

    Hydrogen power

    200kg of hydrogen stored in 25 bottles at 350 bars